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The best-known initiative is the prohibition which came into effect from around 1896 of stamping plated wares with the crown, to avoid any misunderstanding with the symbol identifying the Sheffield Assay Office, as the Maker Elkington had formerly been known to do.

Sheffield was renowned for producing a superior quality of candlesticks, to the point where other silversmiths bought the Sheffield candlesticks and superimposed their own hallmarks on top.

The principle of this standardisation across the country is the basis of the hallmarking system, and these are the standards which the Assay offices of the United Kingdom were created to uphold.

It was the second Joseph Mappin - a knife cutler - who began the business, with two other partners, as springknife manufacturers.The craft of covering a base metal with a precious metal - known as close plating - has been practised for centuries.The process involved the application of a thin sheet of silver or another precious metal, to a pre-formed vessel, using heat and a hammer.Walker did this, but two years later he decided to leave as John Harrison’s employee and instead, began his own company.Walker & Hall was first established by George Walker in 1845, and in 1853 Henry Hall joined the business and thus the company became Walker & Hall.

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Until 1974, the hallmark for the city of Sheffield was the Crown, although this was decided upon by the same counsel of silversmiths and businessmen that chose the anchor to represent Birmingham- the origins of these symbols and their connotations with their paired cities are not entirely clear.

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